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LP-LUT0043  digitális forrasztóállomás 937
Digitális forrasztóállomás ZD-8936
18 031 Ft + ÁFA (22 899,37 Ft)

Digitális forrasztóállomás ZD-8936

Műszaki leírás

Bemeneti feszültség: 230V AC / 50Hz
páka feszültség: 24 V
Teljesítmény: 60 W (max. 90 W)
Állítható hőmérséklet: 160-480 ° C
Kijelző: LED-es színes
Termék beérkezés ha nincs készleten
2-8 nap
18 031 Ft + ÁFA (22 899,37 Ft)
The ZD-8936 soldering station (micro solder) was designed for lead-free soldering in the temperature range of 50 to 480 ° C. The device is intended for use in the field of electronic research, schools and production, especially in the repair and soldering of electronic devices and telecommunications equipment. It is controlled automatically by a microprocessor. The seven-segment three-digit LED display shows the actual temperature as well as the preset tip temperature. The tip with a heating element at a voltage of 24V and a sensor of the actual temperature, has a power input of 60W (during heating it can automatically increase up to 130W). Therefore, it only takes about 30 seconds to warm from room temperature to 350 ° C. Digital electronics and a feedback sensor ensure an almost constant set temperature, regardless of the increased heat consumption by soldering larger components. The ZD-8936 soldering station with a wide selection of N9-16 to N9-56 series soldering tips can be used anywhere in the electronics industry. Solder handle coated with rubber for protection against heat during long-term work.

Product parameters:

- setting the tip temperature in the range of 50 to 480 ° C using the UP - DOWN buttons
- a feedback sensor ensuring that the set tip temperature does not fluctuate
- display of set and actual temperature on the display
- tip heating with low voltage 24 V
- rubber, non-slip handle cover
- extremely short warm-up time
- easy tip replacement
- ON / OFF switch
- sponge for wiping the tip
- holder for solder

Technical parameters :

- supply voltage: 230V AC / 50Hz
- power consumption: 60 W, short-term when warming up max. 130 W
- heating element for voltage: 24 V
- tip temperature feedback control
- adjustable temperature: 50 - 480 ° C
- three-digit LED display
- weight: 1.9kg
- dimensions: 12.5cm (h) x 11cm (w) x 15.5cm (hl)
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