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LP-URZ0739  Mozgásérzékelő 360° m, süllyeszthető kivitel
Mozgásérzékelő 360° m, süllyeszthető kivitel ST 41
1 850 Ft + ÁFA (2 349,5 Ft)

Mozgásérzékelő 360° m, süllyeszthető kivitel ST 41

Álmennyezetbe építhető, ~230V, IP20
max. 1200W (kompaktnál 300W)
érzékelési tartomány: max. 6m, 360o
beállítható idő: 10mp - 15perc
beépítési méret: Ø75mm
Termék beérkezés ha nincs készleten
2-8 nap
1 850 Ft + ÁFA (2 349,5 Ft)
Motion sensor with light switch in ceiling-mounted version.
The sensor is equipped with circuits with high sensitivity of motion detection. The device monitors your chosen space and if in the evening
or if a person enters at night, the unit lights up. If it does not detect a person's movement, the device will turn off after a set period of time.
The sensor distinguishes between day and night illumination. Easy installation and wide detection range. It also complies with hygiene requirements, as there is no touch on
switch. They also save electricity because they only illuminate where people are moving (stairways, corridors, etc.).
Ceiling infrared switch (PIR ceiling motion sensor) to HD-741 ceiling

Product parameters:

- Possible day and night activity
- infinitely adjustable switching time
- Adjust the illumination level
- easy installation in suspended ceiling

Technical parameters:

- Operating voltage: 220-240V AC / 50 Hz
- range - ideal height is 1.5 to 3.5m above the ground.
- detection angle (viewing angle): 360 ° horizontal, 120 ° vertical
- Lighting level below which the device switches: approx. 3-2000Lux, infinitely adjustable
. time to switch off after leaving the room: approx. 10 seconds - 7 minutes, infinitely adjustable
- switching load max. 1200 W (inductive load 300 W)
- standby power consumption: approx. 0.1W
- operating temperature: -20 ~ + 40 ° C
- operating humidity: <93 ° RH
- detected movement speed: 0.6 ~ 1.5m / s
- dimensions: 76mm (lens cover diameter), 65mm (mounting hole diameter), 58mm (depth)
- internal design, protection class IP20
- white color
2 év
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