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Labortápegység GLPS 3005T 0-30V/ 0-5A PS3005
Labortápegység GLPS 3005T 0-30V/ 0-5A PS3005
28 165 Ft + ÁFA (35 769,55 Ft)

Labortápegység GLPS 3005T 0-30V/ 0-5A PS3005

Kimeneti feszültség: 0-30V
Kimeneti áram: 0-5A
10mV / 10mA pontosság és felbontás
Tápfeszültség: 230V AC
Súly: 5,5kg
Méret: 116x180x262 mm
Termék beérkezés ha nincs készleten
2-8 nap
28 165 Ft + ÁFA (35 769,55 Ft)
Geti laboratory power supplies are designed to supply various electronic devices. They continuously regulate the output voltage and output current. They reliably maintain the set values ​​regardless of supply voltage fluctuations or the connected load. The device is equipped with short-circuit protection so that in the event of an emergency it is safe for the user and at the same time it is not destroyed.
The power supply is suitable for work in laboratories and workshops, but also as a teaching aid in schools.

Product parameters:

- 10mV / 1mA accuracy and resolution
- low ripple and noise
- overload protection
- fuse protection
- Possibility to lock controls for unwanted resetting
- coarse and fine adjustment of current and voltage
- dual 4-digit LED display for voltage and current display
- front panel with organic glass,

Technical parameters:

- output voltage 0-30V adjustable
- output current 0-5A adjustable
- display 10mV, 1mA
- voltage ripple 1mV, current ripple 3mA
- transformer
- power supply: 230V AC, 50Hz
- weight: 5.3 kg
- dimensions: 116 x180 x 262 mm
2 év
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